What is this?

Even though this site has been around for 7 years, what it is depends on your perspecive.  Here are some possibilities:

Now here are the ideas I actually had in mind when creating the site:

Recent Changes

The biggest change, aside from updating horribly outdated content, is my switch from hand-coded HTML to Joomla.  While hand-coding let me make the site exactly the way I wanted, it was also a lot of work to update - hence, the horribly outdated content.  Of course, with enough initiative, I could develop custom Joomla templates and modules to make my new site look exactly the same.  For now though, I'm just using their default template and menu system.  I'm hoping the result is at least visually acceptable while encouraging more frequent updates. 

Personal Stuff

Two things I should definitely mention are my resume and my not-very-busy business site: